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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What's In It For Me?

     Most people that I have asked, "How do you feel when you read the Bible?" say that they feel calm and peaceful while reading. That is honestly one of the biggest reasons people read from the Bible is to ease a troubled mind. The Book of Mormon acts as the same antidote in bringing peace into the mind. It is almost like having a big answer book to all of life's challenges and tribulations. I have had so many of my own questions in life answered during my studies of this book. Each and every one of us is different, with different concerns, worries, struggles, ect.  We all have deep unmet needs that in actuality, help shape who we are in our lives. Some of us struggle with pride and therefore, we have a hard time being open to new ideas and concepts. Especially when our ideas and concepts are so much better, right!? Some of us struggle with addictions or behaviors that are degrading to our body and spirit. Others may say that they have no problems and don't need help.
     The great thing about the Book of Mormon is that it's free, nothing is free anymore especially when it involves getting help with something. It is also private and personal. It truly does answer the great questions of the soul!
*Where did we come from?
*What is my purpose in life?
*Where are we going when we die?
*How can my family find peace and happiness in a world of changing moral and values?
*How can I strengthen my relationship with my spouse?
*What does Jesus Christ expect of me?
*Does my infant need to be baptized?
*How can a belief in Jesus Christ help me?
*Does God care about me personally?
     These are just a few deep questions that i have had in my own life and have had others ask me. They truely can and will be anwered by reading and studying from the Book of Mormon. It doesn't require your check book, or making an appointment. Rather it just requires a desire and a little faith.
     I think one of the greatest things the Book of Mormon has done for me, is given me a sense of hope in a world of decaying morals and values. This video is a great message about hope in this life despite the trials and tribulations that we are faced with in our everyday lives.

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